2018 will be a year of anniversaries. The Sint-Pauluscollege celebrates its 60 years of existance during the schoolyear 2017-18.
We also think of the EXPO 58 in Brussels from where the pavilion of Yugoslavia was ‘recycled' to serve – with a few modifications –
as a schoolbuilding in Wevelgem. And also the association of local history Wibilinga celebrates its 30th year of existance in 2018.                                                                                               


In order to celebrate these festivities a workgroup has been composed with members of the three links :

• The college Sint-Pauluscollege
• The township Wevelgem
• The association of local history Wibilinga

As the Yugoslav pavilion looks to be the ideal base for the festivities, we want to put the inventor, Vjenceslav Richter in the picture, this time not as an architect but as an artist.

Vjenceslav Richter

The creation of and/or participation in two art movements confirms that Vjenceslav can be considered as a more than ordinary artist in Yugoslavia during the fifties and the sixties.

EXAT 51 (Eksperimentalni Ateljer) started in 1951 and with the ‘Manifesto’ the artists broke with the art in Yugoslavia during the interbellum.

 The members of the multidisciplinary EXAT 51 brought geometric abstract art based on industrial design, at that time still in its infancy stage.

New Tendencies, from 1961 to 1973, was an art movement that can be considered as the last post-war ‘avant-garde’ movement in the

  European artscene. It is the collection of neo-constructive and neo-concrete, optic, programmed, kinetic and computer-art works.
  This international art movement was the last artists movement propagating the hope to bring the society on social and policitical and finally
  the global vision on the modern society to the ideas and the leading role of artists. This art movement lead to the ‘computer visual art’,
  using the computer as a tool to create works of art.

In this context and with het support of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, MSU, we wish the art lovers and the big public to discover these important movements for Yugoslavia and for the art in general.

The central part of our intention is the exhibition that will be held during the months of July and August 2018 in which works of these two periods will be illustrated. Preceding the official opening an academic meeting will be organised to indicate our purpose. This event takes place on Saturday 7 July 2018.

Apart of the works of Richter we also let you get acquainted with Croatia, Richter, EXPO58, the history of the school, …. Non-stop image reports will be shown through beamers on blackboards in the classrooms adjacent to the exhibitionhall.
The pavilion is the ideal and magnificent decor in which we have the opportunity to create a unique setting to submerge the visitor in the art and the architecture of Yugoslavia during the post-war period.


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